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Compassion Fund-    In 2010, Community Animal Hospital established a Compassion Fund to aid pets in need.  We really care for our patients, and try to cultivate a special bond with our clients.  One of the ways we help give back to those who support us is to provide financial assistance in times of need.  Through generous contributions from the community and clientele, we have been able to help over 100 pets receive the life-saving care they require.

 Please note that the compassion fund does not cover preventative care - spays, neuters, and vaccinations, no reproductive problems - such as pyometra or birthing complications, and no treatment of illnesses that could have been prevented - like parvo, distemper, or kennel cough. Several factors must be met in order to qualify for our Compassion Fund, and financial assistance varies depending on need and availability of funds.  In order to allow more patients to receive assistance from the Compassion Fund, each case is reviewed and awarded a portion based on the anticipated cost of care.  

Donations are always accepted, and greatly appreciated.  Please contact any of our staff members at 233-6840 with questions about our Compassion Fund. 

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