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Our hospital has a fully equipped laboratory to quickly meet most routine and emergency needs. We routinely perform the following in-house tests:

*Complete Blood Cell Counts—Our lasercyte machine accurately measures your pets red and white blood cells, platelets and hemogobin.

*Blood Chemistry—We can quickly run tests for kidney, liver and general organ function.

*Electrolytes/Blood Gas—The Vetstat machine allows us to quickly and accurately test your pet’s electrolytes, blood gas status and also ionized calcium.

*Urinalysis—performed in house, tests for blood, glucose and other abnormalities in the urine, also includes microscopic examination.

*Fecal testing—includes a giardia elisa test, and microscopic examination of a direct and float sample to accurately diagnose intestinal parasites.

*Heartworm testing—in house elisa test, that also tests for Lyme disease, ehrlichia, and anaplasmosis, 3 common tick borne diseases.

*Feline leukemia/AIDs testing—in house test for feline leukemia and AIDS

*Parvo testing—fast, in house test for this deadly disease.

*Vaginal Cytology—microscopic exam of a vaginal swab to help determine heat cycle staging in dogs.  Also used in diagnosing certain reproductive disorders.

We also utilize several high quality outside laboratories to process our hormonal assays (thyroid, progesterone, etc), advanced endocrine testing and pathology samples. Depending on the test, we often have results back in less than 24 hours.

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