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Featured Products

Learn more about our featured products below.

Featured Products


CET toothpaste is our featured product this month. Brushing your pet’s teeth as often as possible is the best way to reduce plaque. Our assistant/receptionist Sara uses this on our hospital cats Hockeypuck and Neville and they love the chicken flavor.

CET toothpaste


CET rawhide chews are another dental favorite. These chews have an abrasive (scrubbing) surface and contain enzymes that break down sugars in your pet’s mouth as they chew. At the same time they are enjoying their treat, they are cleaning their teeth! CET chews are also available for cats. Morgan, one of our kennel attendants, uses these for her dog, Annebelle, and gives it two thumbs up. “Annebelle’s teeth have been noticeable cleaner since I started giving her a CET chew every day. She is really picky about what brands of raw hides she likes, but she loves these CET chews!”-Morgan

CET rawhide chews


Healthy Advantage is one of our favorite products! This is an excellent low calorie maintenance diet for any dog or cat. Hill’s has done a great job with this food–their veterinary nutritionists have taken aspects of the prescription diets and rolled them into one; t/d-sized large kibble slows the progression of dental disease; i/d formula promotes digestion and j/d ingredients support healthy joints. Added Omega-3 fatty acids also nourish skin and hair coat (you will notice a big difference–sleek and shiny, no dander). And for kitties, the protective poperties of c/d perscription diet help maintain an acidic urine pH. Our Office Manager, Brandie, HIGHLY recommends this product which she uses this for both of her dogs, and they LOVE it! After seeing just how much Healthy Advantage improved the look and feel of Brandie’s dogs, Dr. Knight began feeding it to her two high performance dogs.

Healthy Advantage pet food


Do you find your dog scooting his/her bum on the floor? Your furry friend may be having trouble with their anal sacs for which there is a simple treatment. To minimize the frequency that your pet has to get their anal sacs expressed there is No Scoot–a dietary supplement to help support healthy anal gland function by increasing your dog’s daily fiber intake. Brandie our Office Manager uses this on both of her dogs, they think it’s a yummy treat they don’t even realize it is helping them scoot less often.


It’s that time of year when dogs and cats start shedding. Furminators are AMAZING. No other brush is as effective at removing undercoat. Furminators also work on both long and short haired dogs and cats. Brandon, one of our Assistants, loves the Furrminators: “Once you own a Furminator, you will never have to buy another brush.”



Softpaws are a great alternative to declawing your cat. What are they? Soft paws are rubber caps that are glued onto a cat’s nail (also available for dogs) that prevent scratching damage. They are available in many sizes and colors. The technicians will be happy to demonstrate how easy they are to apply. Dr. Knight uses these for her cat Ahsoka to prevent her from clawing furniture and woodwork–and her small children. Recently, Ahsoka had pink glitter softpaws and she loves the snazzy look!

softpaws product


If your pet is easily frightened by the fireworks or just anxious, this line of products may be for you. Feliway is a pheromone that calms cats and comes in a spray or in an electric diffuser that emits a steady flow of pheromones. DAP or Adaptil is a pheromone that helps dogs relax and is available in a diffuser, spray, or a slow-release collar. Colleen, one of our kennel attendants, uses Feliway for her cat Julius to settle him in a stressful situation like moving.

feliway product


Is pilling your pet difficult, even dangerous? The pill pusher is simple to use, spares your pet a stressful interaction and saves friendship. Summer, one of our Veterinary Technicians, claims that this simple contraption turns what she describes as a rodeo into a quick and easy task.

pilling product


Equalizer is the best stain and odor remover on the market. It is not only an effective spot remover, but cleans carpets, furniture, car interiors and pet living and sleeping areas. Our kennel Attendant Morgan is a big fan of Equalizer: “It worked wonders when I was house training my 3 Chihuahuas, Annebelle, Rocky, and Fiona. It also comes in handy with kid messes!” This is the one product that everyone in the clinic uses.

equalizer product


Do Halloween trick or treaters scare your pets? A great way to keep them calm and relaxed is Composure Chews, which contain tryptophan, an amino acid that is also a calming agent. They are especially effective with high-energy dogs. Summer often uses Composure Chews to soothe her cat, Citrus.

composure chews


If your pet takes more than one medication, Pill pockets are your new best friend. Simply put the pills/capsules inside the hole and squish it together. Watch your dog or cat gobble it down! Pill Pockets come in hickory smoke, chicken, and peanut butter flavor for dogs, and salmon or chicken for cats. Dr. Knight used them for her cat, Paris, who often disappeared around pill-giving time. She also frequently uses them with hospitalized patients: “Dogs and cats take treats better than pills.”

pill pockets product


If your dog is older and starting to get stiff (especially in the winter) you might want to consider TriCox a canine joint support formula that helps reduce inflammation and discomfort due to normal daily activity. Brandie gives this delicious meaty treat to her older dog. In just 4 four weeks, she noticed positive results.

tricox product