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Meet the wonderful veterinarians and staff of Community Animal Hospital. We take great pride in providing excellent care for your pets!

Meet Our Doctors & Staff

dr julia alpert
julia in the snow

Dr. Julia Alpert


People have such a pure relationship with their pets; they give us such unconditional love and are always there for us in our time of need. Why Dr. Alpert is a veterinarian is so that she can work with people to strengthen and maintain that relationship, from when they are puppies and kittens, to giving them a greater quality of life as they age, through to the end by helping them ease their passing. People connect with each other through their animals, and being a veterinarian allows her to help people by helping them with their pets.

She obtained her Bachelors of Science in Psychology at the University of Utah. Dr. Alpert received her DVM from Oregon State University in 2002. She feels very proud to be an Oregon graduate because it is the smallest vet school in the country, so there is more hands-on experience, and at the time she attended a portion of the program was done at Washington State University thus giving her perspectives from two schools.

Her favorite things to do as a veterinarian are soft tissue surgery and dentistry. She also has a strong interest in reproductive medicine. What gives her the most pleasure as a veterinarian is working with people to develop customized pain management solutions for their arthritic pets. She is PennHIP certified and a member of the American Veterinarian Medical Association and the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Dr. Alpert grew up on a farm in Eastern Kansas, and then went to high school in Vancouver, Washington. She moved to Salt Lake City to attend the prestigious Ballet Department at the University of Utah before changing her major and going to vet school at Oregon and Washington State. After graduating from vet school, she moved to Camp Verde, Arizona where she was a mixed animal practitioner for 3 years before accepting a small animal position in nearby Cottonwood, Arizona. In 2007 she purchased Community Animal Hospital and has lived in Pocatello full time since 2009.

Dr. Alpert has two daughters, Siena and Ancelin. Siena is into anime drawing and Ancelin is into Legos and roller skating. They attend Grace Lutheran Highschool and Holy Spirit Catholic School. Siena’s favorite animals are cats of all types and Ancelin’s favorite animals are otters.
Currently, she shares her home with a varying in size pack of Basenjis, a small flock of chickens, some meat rabbits, and 1 very special cat, “Cherry”. GCh Ch Tis’A Signet Kiss Me Once, JC, CA, BCAT or “Hattie” is her matriarch basenji. She is Dr. Alpert’s first conformation champion and she also participates in lure coursing events with her. “Quill”, GCH CH Litespeed’s Guardians of the Galaxy, is her first dog to be nationally ranked in the Top 20. Zamaradi’s Officer I Ain’t Goin Litespeed, CA “Mason” and Litespeed’s Live Long and Prosper, “Spocklette” currently round out the full-time canine members of the household.

Dr. Alpert has a lot of interests outside of work that keeps her pretty busy. She is the secretary for the Pocatello Kennel Club and is the Show Chairperson for the Blackfoot Dog Show, which is one of the largest dog shows in the Intermountain West and usually has entries of 1200+ dogs. She also coordinates the lure coursing events for the PKC. Her hobbies include gardening—both vegetable and flowers—cooking, Pilates, puzzles, stand-up paddleboarding, and coloring while streaming science fiction shows.



morgan in the water

Inventory Specialist, Shift Lead

Morgan is originally from hope, ID which is the very North part of Idaho on Lake Pend Oreille. She moved to Pocatello for the dental hygiene program and ended up having a family here. Morgan loves animals and being able to help them. She is particularly drawn to oral health and there are so many animals in need of dental care. She enjoys educating pet owners on their pet’s oral care and getting pain (oral or systemic) pain under control. She feels a calling for end-of-life care because of its strong connection to pain control. Morgan’s mother has been a vet tech for 20 years, so she grew up going to work and helping her out. Morgan went to the University of Idaho and got her B.S. in Biology and Psychology and started pursuing dental hygiene in humans, but has been in love with vet med so she came back to this. At Community Animal Hospital, Morgan does anything from surgery prep, placing catheters, walking dogs, answering phones, and much more. Morgan has a pet named Rocky who is a 13 and a half-year-old chihuahua who loves to cuddle and burrow into blankets, Annabelle who is a 10-year-old terrier who loves to go on walks and has adopted her child as her own, Fiona who is a 16 and a half-year-old chihuahua who currently enjoys her pets and playing in the snow, Little dog who is a 2-year-old firecracker of a miniature pincher who loves going for runs and exploring new areas with her, and 3 guins who love to eat. In her free time, Morgan loves to go hiking and doing most water-related activities. She also enjoys gathering firewood for campfires with friends.



paige with a dog

Practice Manager

Paige has lived in Pocatello, ID most of her life, the comforts of family and friends keep her from venturing too far for too long. Paige enjoys what she does because she wants everyone’s animals to have the standard of care and compassion available as she would want for her own pets. She particularly enjoys discussing how to acclimate puppies to their new home and how to make them exemplary family members for years to come, caring for senior pets to lengthen the time they have, and emergency medicine for a little excitement. Paige received a bachelor’s of science from the University of Idaho in Biology & Animal Science. This career path married her affinity to want to help others with the science behind biological systems. At Community Animal Hospital, she ensures that your pet has the highest level of comfort while performing the necessary tasks the veterinarian needs to keep your pet happy and healthy, She wears many hats, which include phlebotomist, radiology technician, laboratory technician, surgical technician, pharmacy technician, educator, janitor, and professional snuggler. Paige enjoys the rollercoaster of life with her high school sweetheart, Andrew. Paige has a pet named Scarlett, short for Scarlett O’Bara, who is a 3-year-old AmStaff. She has a personality to live up to her name. Her pastimes include Walks, Chasing Bubbles, playing with friends, and meeting new friends. She cannot resist a fluffy blanket and snuggles when the weather gets cold. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She’s always up for an adventure and loves trying new things.



Shift Lead

Cherie is originally from Moses Lake, WA. Cherie and her husband attended BYU. Cherie would often visit her family in Pocatello and ended up falling in love with Pocatello and soon found excuses to move here. Cherie has loved looking after animals since she was a kid. Since they don’t have the ability to help themselves, she’s happy to be able to do that for them. She started as an assistant at a large clinic in Washington and loved it. When the opportunity came through the Army reserve for them to train her as a tech to look after the military working dogs, she jumped straight into it. She went to Fort Sam Houston for a very difficult 3 months, but graduated distinguished honor grad and ended up getting a job here at Community Animal Hospital. Cherie preps animals for surgery, monitor anesthesia, place catheters, draws blood, runs lab work, administer medications, restrain for the veterinarian, cleans kennels & floors, basically all of it. She really enjoys radiology and is very good at handling aggressive cats! Cherie is from a large close family, she has 5 siblings and 12 nieces/nephews. She and her husband currently have no children, but have begun foster care and love it so far. She has 2 cats, an orange tabby named Bernard who loves to sing the song of his people at 3 am, and loves to snuggle and play with his string toys, and Jeffrey who is a Siamese who loves to get his brother in trouble. Jeffrey likes walking outside in his harness and smelling everything he can stick his nose in. In her free time, Cherie and her husband love to go hiking and camping when the weather permits it. They love board games and disc golf. Cherie also enjoys doing craft projects and calligraphy whenever she can.





Brandon was born and raised in Vallejo, California. He and his wife ended up moving to Pocatello, ID for his wife’s schooling, she was accepted to Idaho State University for her doctorate in Audiology. Brandon has loved animals since he was a kid, he had many different kinds and took care of a wide variety of both farm and personal pets. He started in the field because he wanted to know more about the illnesses of his own pets, his first dog passed due to Addison’s disease and he didn’t know about it. As a technician, he maintains laboratory equipment, monitor anesthesia, handle customer service, and enjoys doing dentistry and radiographs. He has received employee of the month a couple of times over the years. His first real job was working at Petco where he became a dog trainer. Hew then worked at a boarding facility for animals, after which he went back to training at a non-profit dog training facility for PTSD service dogs for veterans. He had a case. Brandon and his wife, Jenn live in an apartment with 2 dogs, a boxer, Sophie, and a Standard Poodle, Bobo, and a cat, Jynx. Sophie is always happy and hyper and very food motivated. She is 10 years old. Bobo, his 9-year-old Standard Poodle is always wanting to be near anyone that will poet him. And his cat Jynx is 10 years old. In his spare time, he plays paintball, snowboards, and loves to go camping and hiking. He also plays all kinds of video games in his spare time.

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Hannah loves animals, she always has loved animals, and helping animals brings her so much joy. Hannah began working as a receptionist in high school and wanted to continue because she loved it and then became a tech and loves that even more.

Hannah takes pride in assisting with treatments, surgeries, emergencies, and overall caring for and taking care of animals and all of their needs.

In 2021, Hannah and her family visited Pocatello, Idaho. They fell in love with the community and decided to make a change and make the move to Pocatello! Hannah has two children, a son, and a daughter. She is happily married and her family is everything. Hannah has three dogs, three cats, and two tortoises. When Hannah is not working, she enjoys spending time with family, having movie and game nights and spending time outdoors.



She does what she does because she wants to incorporate helping animals in her everyday life, animals love unconditionally and she try’s to return the favor. Sarrah is also a licensed and practicing Cosmetologist, as much as she loves animals it is nice to pursue her creative side as well.

She has always been involved and working with animals, from walking neighbors dogs as a kid to volunteer work at local animal shelters, veterinary clinics and then working in boarding facilities To eventually working her way up in experience to obtain her first veterinary assistant position which then lead to becoming a veterinary technician.

Sarrah loves the surgery aspect of veterinary medicine. Seeing a traumatic Injury going through the process of healing and improving that patients quality of life is very rewarding for her. She also LOVES the puppies and kittens, so if you combine the two and a C-section comes in, Sarrah will be there.

Sarrah is from Idaho falls Idaho, it is not her first time living in Pocatello. She came to Pocatello to attend ISU on a track scholarship to pursue her cosmetology certificate and bachelors in applied science. And is now back working for community animal hospital.

Sarrah comes from a family of 6. Has a very close relationship with her 3 other siblings. Sarrah has a few pets of her own, 2 cats, a dog and a fat leopard gecko named Sirloin. Her cat Kungpow Chicken is a Mainecoon mix she is a rescue and likes to fight the neighbor dogs! Her other cat Chowder is also a rescue, and is quite the social butterfly and huntress. Her puppy’s name is oatmeal, she is a corgi mix, loves running into class doors, herding cats, chickens and kids. Sarrah also enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, skiing, riding horses and mountain biking.



Alyssa is originally from Northern California, but moved to Pocatello Idaho with her now Fiance in May of 2020. They originally came to attend college at ISU, but soon fell in love with Pocatello and the community it has and bought a house in the winter of 2020. At CAH Alyssa works in the front end as a Receptionist, which means day to day she answers the phones, schedules and checks in appointments, refills medication, and handles all of the paperwork. Her favorite part of her job is seeing all of the different pets that walk through the door. She has always loved animals and has four fur babies of her own. Her oldest dog is Loki, who is a Husky with a mind of his own, who loves being in water. Her other dog is Korra, who loves to snuggle up next to her humans and will make a bed out of anything. She also has two cats, Missy and Lilia, who both love laying in the sun during the day, and running around the house with zoomies at night. In her free time Alyssa likes to play board games with friends, and in the summer loves being out on the water or going on walks with her dogs. Alyssa and her Fiance got engaged at the beginning of this year and are in the process of wedding planning.


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Bree has always wanted to work with animals. She is just starting out in vet med and loves making a difference in pets lives. She has been married to her high-school sweetheart for 17 years. They have 3 kids and 2 dogs. Sandy is a 3-year-old wire hair mix, who loves squirrels, water, and hikes. Ivy is a 2-year-old husky mix who loves snuggles, blankets, and running.

When she isn’t working, she loves getting her family outdoors for hiking, camping, rock climbing, and paddle boarding. Bree also loves spending time in her garden and takes pride in her raspberry patch and small fruit orchard.

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