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To aid in diagnosing your pet we employ a radiology (x-ray) machine. We are able to image most areas of your pet’s body, and can also perform contrast studies if more advance imaging techniques are necessary. Most radiographs are interpreted by one of our veterinarians. Should more advanced consult be necessary, we utilize a variety of specialists to review your pet’s films. 


Dr. Alpert is PennHIP certified, which is a special radiographic technique that can screen for hip dysplasia in dogs (and cats) as young as 16 weeks.  The PennHIP method has been scientifically proven to be a more accurate screening test for hip dysplasia than the standard OFA views.  We also perform OFA radiographic screening for elbows, knees and hips.

Digital Dental Radiology

We utilize digital dental radiology to obtain high quality x-rays of your pet’s teeth. Dental x-rays greatly aid in properly diagnosing and treating dental disease that is below the gum line. This unit is also used to obtain quality images of our small mammal and avian patients.



 Ultrasound is used to aid in properly diagnosing certain illnesses and cancers in pets.  We often utilize it to aid in obtaining urine samples.  It is also used to diagnose pregnancy and monitor the health of fetuses.


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