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Kittens need a healthy start so they can have a long and healthy life.                              




The first few months with your kitten sets the stage for a life time of joy and friendship. Kitten wellness visits aren’t just for vaccines: they are an important opportunity to ask questions of the doctors and staff about any health, training or behaviorial concerns you have about your new family member.

Feline Distemper (FVRCP): we recommend vaccinating against panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis (herpes) and calici-virus at 8, 12 and 16 weeks.
Rabies: we give your kitten’s first rabies shot at their 16 week kitten visit.
Feline Leukemia: we recommend vaccinating all kittens against feline leukemia, a deadly retroviral disease. A negative feline leukemia test is required. The feline leukemia vaccines are given at your kitten’s 12 and 16 week visits.

Intestinal Parasites
: because of the zoonotic (can be spread to humans, especially small children) potential of common intestinal parasites, we recommend that all kittens have their stool examined. Fecal examination entails giardia elisa testing, and microscopic examination of a direct and flotation preparation of feces to check for worm ovum and coccidia.

Fleas/ticks: The incidence of these parasites varies according to season in Eastern Idaho.  Our main problem times are Spring and Summer. During our high risk times, or if you are traveling to an area with greater incidence of fleas and ticks, we recommend Frontline Plus for prevention in kittens 8 weeks and older.

Ear Mites: we recommend Revolution if your kitten has ear mites.

Feline leukemia (FELV) and feline AIDS (FIV) are 2 very serious diseases that afflict our feline companions. They are spread through contact with an infected cat’s blood, saliva or bodily fluid or directly from mother to kitten. Because these diseases are contagious and potentially fatal, we strongly recommend testing your new kitten before introducing him/her into your family. Testing requires a small blood sample and is performed at the clinic in approximately 10 minutes.

We strongly recommend microchipping your new family member. Pets who are microchipped are much more likely to be returned to their family than pets who aren’t chipped. We use the AKC microchip and lifetime registration with AKC’s CAR (Companion Animal Recovery) service is included in the implantation fee.  These microchips are ISO compatible which means they are good for international travel. Microchipping can be performed at any of your kitten’s wellness visits, or you can have it done at time of spaying/neutering.

For health reasons we recommend spaying or neutering your cat. For the majority of kittens this will be around 4-6 months of age. If you have questions or concerns about this procedure please talk to the doctors at one of your kitten’s wellness visits to determine what is right for your individual kitten and household.

Our kitten programs include wellness visits, your kitten’s feline distemper, feline leukemia and rabies vaccinations, feline leukemia/AIDS testing, toenail trims, fecal examination, 2 doses of pyrantel de-wormer, 1st dose of Revolution, a bag of kitten food, coupons for flea/tick prevention and care handouts. Our programs are designed for kittens who are 6-8 weeks or 12 weeks and older. When you purchase one of the kitten programs you receive a 25% discount on these important wellness procedures.

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