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Pet OFA Certification

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Pet OFA Certification in Pocatello, ID

Pet OFA Certification

What Is OFA Certification?

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals is a database of radiographs (x-rays) and genetic tests that dog breeders use to try to produce the healthiest possible puppies. Before blood-based genetic testing became readily available, one of the main ways to track orthopedic issues in dogs was through x-rays. Instead of just testing individual dogs with owners, the OFA Certification process began building a database. This database includes the dog’s information, including the breeder, birth location, and family connections, was a part of the database.

Why should I test my dog?

There are many inherited diseases that can be controlled by selective breeding programs, such as hip dysplasia. Information regarding the test results from the sire and dam, along with information on other close relatives, allows breeders to apply greater selective pressure to produce normal, healthy offspring.

OFA Radiographs and Testing

We offer OFA orthopedic hip and elbow radiographs and can collect blood for any tests that require it for sample submission (such as thyroid testing). 

We do not perform OFA screenings that require an ophthalmologist (eye screenings) or cardiologist (heart screenings)- for these tests, please seek out an appropriate specialist.

We sedate our patients to ensure we obtain quality images for OFA hip and elbow submissions. The positioning needed is precise and can be painful if your pet is awake. Being sedated offers a low stress visit for your dog and allows us to obtain the quality images needed. Your dog will need to fast (12 hours no food or water) prior to their scheduled exam. They can have dinner the night before, but no food or water the morning of their appointment.

Once you have scheduled an OFA appointment with us, you will need to do a few things at home prior to your appointment.

  1. Visit and fill out the forms needed for the tests you are doing. You may submit them online but print out the finished copies and bring the copies to the appointment
    1. You should pay OFA directly for test fees – our charges include the exam, images and any medications only.
  2. Bring your dog’s AKC registration and completed OFA forms to your appointment.
  3. After the radiographs are done, the forms are signed by the owner of the dog and the attending veterinarian. Please make sure the owner of record of the dog has signed or is available to sign the forms.
  4. We submit the radiographs and forms electronically to OFA.
  5. If you want your OFA results listed on your dog’s pedigree, they must be AKC registered AND microchipped.

Your OFA Checklist:

  • No food or water the morning of radiographs
  • Completed forms for all tests being performed (i.e. hips and elbows, etc.)
  • Your dog’s AKC registration papers
  • Your dog’s microchip number
  • Thank you for making the effort to breed healthier dogs!